• You've tried meditating but have too many thoughts, so you feel like you suck at it.
  • Your anxiety is through the roof and you can't calm your mind.
  • Your brain feels FULL and you're on the verge of overwhelm all the time.
  • You feel TIRED, IRRITABLE, have trouble sleeping or remembering things and your gut is often upset.
  • You crave peace of mind, but fear it might not be possible for you.



Marie Barker is a certified Lifestyle Meditation teacher, online wellness coach, blogger and host of the "Live On Purpose" Podcast. She began a daily meditation practice a few years ago when her anxiety attacks, IBS and insomnia were at an all-time high. While healing her own mental and physical health, she quickly became passionate about teaching others to do the same. She shares practical, science-backed information around meditation and stress reduction that is easy to understand and implement.

Her easy-going, fun-loving nature (as well as a background as a High School Teacher) lends to the flow and impact of this short, effective course on meditation and stress reduction. Marie's qualifications are solid, but none as important as the fact that she walks her talk and is a living example of what a daily meditation practice can do for anyone, anywhere, anytime.


This short, 3 module course is designed for you to complete within one afternoon. It won't become another "to-do" on your list. The videos are concise, to the point and practical, so you can implement Marie's science-backed strategy ASAP and start benefitting from your new daily meditation practice immediately!

The guided meditation audio library is an added bonus for days when you just can't seem to sit still by yourself or are feeling overwhelmed, angry, depressed or out of alignment. And the supportive Facebook group is a place for you to connect with other members and get direct coaching from Marie! THIS is the sign you've been looking for.

By the end of this short, practical video-based course, you will understand WHAT meditation is, WHY meditation is so valuable, WHAT to expect during AND from your daily practice and you will know HOW to start (and stick with) a daily practice that serves you longterm.

You'll also gain access to incredibly valuable resources (like the 8 guided meditations audio library, a 30 day tracker and the Stress Less Journal) as well as a supportive private Facebook community that will help support you as you begin this new journey!



Printable resources and 8 Guided Audio Meditations (for anytime of day) to help support you daily as you begin your new journey.


Guided Audio Meditation Library includes:

  • Morning Gratitude Meditation
  • Self Appreciation Meditation
  • Evening Relaxation Meditation
  • "I feel overwhelmed" Meditation
  • "I feel angry" Meditation
  • "I feel depressed" Meditation
  • Get Inspired Meditation
  • Forgiveness Meditation


Other Resources Included as you begin your new journey!

  • Access to our private Stress Less FB community for support, connection with Marie + uplifting accountability.
  • A printable 30 day tracker sheet to build your new habit.
  • The 4 week Stress Less PDF Journal with reflection questions.


  • Introduction + overview
  • The science of stress
  • How thoughts work
  • Retraining your brain


  • What is meditation?
  • How does it help?
  • What to expect during it
  • What to expect from it


  • How to meditate daily
  • How to stick with it
  • Guided meditations
  • Breathing examples

This is the sign you've been waiting for.


I had never meditated in my life, I thought it was stupid to just sit there and breathe. Then I met Marie. Who poured love and guidance into me and preached about personal development and meditation. I decided to trust her. Sitting even one minute was tough. I decided to attend one of Marie's seminars and fell in love. I learnt the reason behind meditation and the impact that it can have on your life. Marie's guidance with meditation has helped me tremendously in living a more calm and happier life. I'm proud to say I now sit in a daily practice of 20 minutes. Forever grateful.

Carly L.

Marie Barker, thank you for a week of BLISS. It was so informative but relaxed, a down to earth start back into a daily practice. Awesome job and I felt so safe. Thank you for this online course!

Kacy C.

Marie, THANK YOU for the Feeling Overwhelmed guided meditation! After last night's online group, I decided it's time to dive in and do the course! Thanks for the push I needed to get started. I'm going to try this for 21 days and report back. After my beautiful session this morning, I have a feeling it will be LIFE changing!

Tanya S.

Just wanted to send a quick note to share my gratitude! You popping up on my newsfeed ended up being a life changing experience. I've had such a powerful transformation mentally, emotionally and physically. I never could have imagined following a healthier lifestyle let alone actually DOING IT. THANK YOU!

Kyra A.

I wanted to say THANK YOU for the guided meditations, Marie. I have to admit - I cried with the Appreciation Meditation (I have never thought to thank my feet for all the work they do!!) and again this morning I cried with the Morning Gratitude meditation.  It was so refreshing! Thank you!

Katie N.

Marie, I wanted to let you know that I've listened to your "stress less" meditation workshop twice - and started implementing it last week. I am LOVING IT! I really enjoyed learning all the technical stuff behind meditation. How and why it works... Knowing WHY you're laying there and breathing, etc. was my favourite part. I look forward to what you plan to share in the future.

Jennifer S.

This is the sign you've been waiting for.